Creative Freedom

Millers Falls Arts Bridge (MFAB) is a cross-cultural contemporary arts and community education project established to connect the creative energy of contemporary China with the culture, history and natural beauty of New England.

As its core activity, through artists-in-residence projects, MFAB supports the creation of new works of art, the exploration of the human spirit, and the study of the relationship between art and society.

Through the creative engagement of artists with regional universities, museums, arts organizations and the village of Millers Falls, MFAB encourages the exchange of ideas, serving as a catalyst for new cultural and social perspectives.

As the the program grows, MFAB will become an active participant in the economic revitization of the Millers Fall community.

MFAB programs, events, performances and community activities are made possible by the contributions of its artist-participants and the generosity of enlightened supporters.

To learn more about the Millers Falls Arts Bridge, we invite you to visit and celebrate with us.

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