Our Mission

The Millers Falls Arts Bridge provides an alternative space for artists to explore their creativity, to reflect, exchange ideas, create new works of art and engage the local community through social practice. Through a range of programs for artists and the local community, MFAB aims to strengthen dialogue between people of different cultures and participate in the economic revitalization of Millers Falls.

Peace, industry, decline and resurrection:

Situated at the intersection of the Connecticut River and the Mohawk Trail, for many thousands of years the region was a natural crossroads, a great place to fish and to gather for the area’s native Narragansett, Pocumtuck and Abenaki peoples. For these people, who often conflicted over territory or trade in other places, this region was a sacred place – a place of peace.

The region was “settled” by English and French colonist in the 17th Century. In the 1860’s, with the arrival of railroad lines and abundant waterpower, the region prospered as a good place to establish mills for the manufacture of cloth, paper and hand tools.

150 years later, following a long period of economic decline, most of the mills had ceased to function. In 2009, as population in Millers Falls declined, the St John’s Parish church was deconsecrated and sold by the Roman Catholic Church to private owners.

After five years of inactivity, in 2014, supported by new ownership, the mission-based nonprofit Millers Falls Arts Bridge launched our ambitious plan to rehabilitate the historic property through artistic activity, educational programs and cultural events.

Today, our mission is to return the soul, song and creativity to St. John’s Parish and the village of Millers Falls.


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