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Turners Falls Arts Salon

Thanks to the Arts Salon for inviting me to present as part of the Turners Falls Arts Salon at the Shea Theater on Thursday night. Six artists were each asked to prepare 20 slides and give a brief 5-6 minute […]

Millers Falls mural project

This is the wall we will be painting. The site is below a train bridge on Newton Street in Millers Falls.       

Pop-up Exhibition: CURRENTS/潮流

MFAB is pleased to invite you to the two day pop-up exhibition at AOTU Space, Beijing.  Opening Reception – December 2, 6-8pm @AOTU Space (see map below) Duration: December 2-3, 2015 The Currents exhibition was created to begin a dialogue […]

Notes from 2015 AAC Annual Conference

Welcome to Providence! I rolled my two suitcases from the train station on Capitol Hill down to the Biltmore Hotel. Check in on the 17th floor. Found a seat in the big ballroom next to Beth Taylor of the Surf […]

One for the money, two for the show…

Saturday at Millers was packing day. Carpenter Brian D rolled into the back lot at 12:30. Geng Xue, myself and Brian, together we began to pack Geng Xue’s sculptures for their journey to NYC. Brian had prefabricated four perfectly sized […]

Eureka! AAC: Emerging Programs Institute

Sculptor and friend Terry Slade introduced me to Mark Golden of Golden Paints. Mark then introduced me to the Alliance of Artists Communities just in time for MFAB to attend AAC’s annual Emerging Programs Institute, hosted this year by the […]

Wow! We almost did it.

Thank you, everyone for your great support! We may not have reached our entire goal through Kickstarter, but we have garnered a ton of very positive support. This is the start of something special!

MFAB is a young organization and we still have much to learn. Every conversation leads to new ideas, feedback and questions. Nevertheless, in forty days we have already made great progress. This is what we have done.

And we have already received pledges of 70K! Wow. Wow. Wow.

However, according to Kickstarter rules, since we did not reach our full 100K goal, we won’t be able to collect any of these pledges. Now it is back to zero and back to the fundraising drawing board.

On to Plan B. During the next week, I will reach out to each one of our supporters to ask that you make your contributions directly to MFAB, we will continue fundraising, and we will begin to repair the church.

This is not a concession speech. This is a victory.

We are living and breathing this project. We are creating jobs. We are engaging with the local arts community. We are bringing good energy. We are building a platform to explore art as a tool for positive social change. This could not happen without you. Thank you.

Trust the process,

Rick Widmer

art can change the world


Join us Saturday, January 24th at the Millers Pub in Millers Falls, 6:30 pm.

Project Director Richard Widmer will introduce the MFAB project. We will screen an unreleased video artwork by Chinese artist Geng Xue, listen to great Bluegrass music from the Last Shingle String Band, and tour the church. All proceeds will benefit the MFAB Kickstarter activity to raise funds for the repair of St. John’s church in Millers Falls. Suggested donation $10-$20.

Special thanks to Millers Pub and RiverCulture.


  • Rick Widmer (MFAB)
  • Suzanne LoManto (RiverCulture), 413-835-1390



Kickstarter Campaign




MFAB Kickstarter goes live!

Holy Moly! $100,000 is a huge number and 40 days is a short amount of time, but this is what it will take to bring the church back to life.

MFAB2015_MR5(1)Here’s the MFAB project URL on Kickstarter: 

Millers Falls Arts Bridge – the Rejuvenation of St. John’s

We are passing the plate to raise funds to replace St. John’s electrical, plumbing and heating systems, as well as repair the bell tower. It is with deep sincerity that I ask you to support MFAB in our mission to connect the creativity of China with the culture, history and natural beauty of New England. Our vision to revitalize this church and to contribute to the economic rejuvenation of Millers Falls will only come true with the support of many believers. If we want to create MFAB as a place to promote understanding across diverse beliefs and traditions, then the time is now.

Give and you will receive!

In return for your generous support of the MFAB project, you will receive a small bronze replica of the church, tickets to MFAB events, seats at the Opening Gala, original artwork made by MFAB residency artists, and/or your name inscribed upon the stained-glass windows of St. John’s.

Also, you can show your support for MFAB by “joining the choir” and sharing the Kickstarter project URL with your friends:



Rick Widmer


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